Tips & Tricks 2

Get tips and tricks to manoeuvre occurences that seem not to follow standard procedures

Affiliate Programme 1

Affiliate, Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Programme, Making Money from LekkiHost

Dedicated Server 2

Dedicated Server refers to the rental and exclusive use of an entire server and its resources

Domain Service 5

Learn about all of our Domain and DNS Services, Domain Registration, Statuses & Associated Services

Hosting (General) 12

General Hosting Services, hosting policies, get answers to common hosting questions and with the solutions to the common hosting issues

Payments 1

All you need to know about how to make payments for our products and services and all what is involved in paying online

SMS Developer APIs 4

Bulk, Group SMS; SMS2App; and SMS-in-your-App Codes that can be of great help in integration to your programs/applications


SSL Certificate Purchases, SSL Integration & other SSL related issues

VPS (Virtual Private Server) 1

VPS, VPS Hosting. With a VPS, you open a world of possibilities that would not be possible on shared hosting because of restrictions.

Web Programming 4

Sample Scripts for Web Development and Some Explanation attached

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