Domain Names

A Domain Name is a textual version of an IP address, the number that points to a particular website. For example, the number is the IP address for; each domain name on the Internet corresponds to such numbers.

Without domain names, every website would be accessed via a number, similar to the telephone system, but much more difficult to remember. For this reason, domain names were introduced, and have made navigation on the net much simpler.

Except you intend to buy a Domain Name only, every Hosting Package we offer comes with a Free Domain Name.

Domain Name is a component of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), for example:

  • URL:
  • Top-Level Domain Name (or TLD): net
  • Second-level domain name: lekkihost
  • Host name: www

There are many TLDs we support. Please click here to visit our supported TLDs on our Hosting Packages.

Every TLD is for specific purpose:-

TLD    Entity
.com    Commercial or Profit-Making Organizations    Nigerian-Based Commercial Organizations
.net    Network-Based Organizations (like ISPs, etc)
.org    Not-For-Profit Organizations
.edu    US Academic Organizations    Nigerian Academic Organizations
.gov    US Government Ministries or Departments    Nigerian Government Ministries
.tv    TV Studios/Stations
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