Why Your Web Hosting Company Is Failing

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Why Your Web Hosting Company Is Failing (- By Harriette Halepis)

So, you started a web hosting company. You promised your customers cheap web hosting with free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, and no downtime. Why aren’t those revenue numbers where they should be? There are some excellent reasons why any web hosting company fails. See if something you’re doing matches with any of these explanations.

1.) Slow Processing Speeds.
In a world of smartphones, apps, and instant gratification, you simply can’t take 24-hours to process a new client. You have to offer those cheap web hosting with free domain name services right away. Take too long? You’ll pay the price with a lack of client satisfaction. This, in turn, creates a bad image for your company, and that translates into no revenue for you.

2.) A Lack of Customer Support.
Got a guy in another country with a cell phone representing your customer support team? It might have seemed like an inexpensive option at the time, but your clients won’t appreciate your outsourced approach. Make sure that your customer support is on target. Otherwise, you’ll quickly gain a negative reputation.

3.) A Weak Server!
Is your system’s main data-center your PC? Is your PC sitting in your living room? You have a problem. You can’t set up a good service (no matter how great that cheap web hosting with free domain name promise sounds) with a data-center that’s completely lacing. Solution: rent a server. This is a better, and often more cost effective, solution.

4.) Bad Billing.
Clients want invoices that look professional and make a whole lot of sense. If you’re sending out handmade invoices or using a service that’s unreliable (like Excel), your customers will notice. Set up an automated invoicing system, so that clients take you seriously.

5.) Fraud Alert.
Most online businesses will become victims of fraud at some point. It happens, but you can try to prevent fraud at all costs. Set up an automated system that has fraud protection built in.
This might not make you bulletproof, but it will help to ward off any fraudulent activities. Why does fraud matter? Once the world knows about fraud connected to your business, people will stay away.

6.) Bad Reviews.
Sometimes, a bad review on a review site is warranted. Other times, not so much. Check review sites regularly to see if your company name pops up. If you see a review that doesn’t look accurate, make sure to respond to the reviewer in question. Don’t act with hostility, but get to the root of the problem — and offer a public solution. People want to see that you handle your discrepancies with decency.

7.) Unreachable.
Lastly, make sure that your team is always reachable. This may seem like a no-brainer, but so many companies don’t put contact information on a company website. List your phone number, address, email, and other contact details. Make sure that people can reach you — and that you respond accordingly! Offering cheap web hosting with free domain name isn’t enough anymore! Today, you have to prove that you are a legitimate company that cares about clients. Go through this checklist and ask yourself if you have covered all of these bases. Have you?



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