The Business of Buying & Selling nowadays starts with a website

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Nowadays, when you think of looking for something (especially related to business), what goes through your mind is the INTERNET, in some cases, using Google search engine.
It is, therefore, dangerous to think you can do without the INTERNET for your business’ needs.
Many businesses today have created online presence.

By being represented online means you can get clients beyond your country or continent. For example, someone who needs Cocoa for production of Chocolate in his factory in Coventry, England; uses the internet to search for Cocoa producers and found one in Accra, Ghana. This means new opportunities, more income, and more competition.
This new business engagement looks awesome, keeps growing, and seems it will be around for some time.

The first thing to be represented online is to have your website. How do you do this? Below is a four steps step-by-step procedure in doing so:

STEP-1: Get a reliable and affordable hosting account with a hosting company like us (LekkiHost).

STEP-2: Get a web designer/developer to create your website for you. We can help you locate one.

STEP-3 (OPTIONAL): Integrate a Payment Platform (Credit Card / Paypal) to the website for making payment seamlessly with online-purchased goods/services.

STEP-4: You are good to go –

If you need more understanding of maximising the use of the Internet for your business needs, please contact us for more information at

Every business, even if it only has a single employee, needs a website. Seriously. A company without a online presence is leaving serious money on the table, because an attractive and informative site can draw a slew of potential clients or customers. That means choosing a Web hosting service and setting up your website.

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