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LekkiHost is a web hosting provider having over 10 years of experience in hosting field. We host thousands of domains with clients from around the world. We are committed to providing the most complete customer service available. With our advanced hosting features, your satisfaction is a guarantee. Our hosting is friendly.

CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE – Customers will never have to face the difficulty of managing the server. As a Hosting Company, we provide professional hosting team, who are technically skilled and trained to assist its customers. You do not have to worry about managing the technicality of the server. Due to Shared Hosting Services, small business owners get plenty of time to concentrate on their business, and relegate any issues related to hosting services to the LekkiHost, their hosting service provider.

CUSTOMIZATION – All the requirements of the customer are fulfilled by providing additional features without charging extra rates. Customers are permitted to manage and administer their websites.

EFFICIENCY – Shared hosting provides efficiency to the small business owners. The speed of the internet depends upon the server space and bandwidth consigned to the website.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT – In addition to the various services provided by us as a Web Hosting Company, technical support is also included in it. There is no extra charge for providing technical support services. Customers usually get attracted towards those hosting companies, which provide 24/7 support, so that companies can utilize our services even at mid night.
Shared hosting specially for small business enterprises, are considered the best affordable plan available in the market. Small business owners can promote their product at very low rates and increase their popularity.
Compared to VPS and dedicated servers, shared hosting is much cheaper. You may expect to have better technical support if you are on VPS or dedicated hosting. However you are wrong. Actually Shared Hosting usually has faster technical support. It is very simple if your website goes wrong on a shared server, it might affect websites from other customers on the same server, and thus your web host is forced to solve your problems in a prompt manner. On the other end, if you are on VPS or dedicated server, you can manage the server by yourself, you have the necessary privilege to do so and your web host will expect you have the knowledge to manage the server by yourself. In case your websites on a VPS or dedicated server is down, it will not affect other websites from other hosting customers, so your web host may not be able to assist you immediately; but with LekkiHost, we will assist you in any way we can irrespective of the plan you have with us.

ADMINISTRATION AND MAINTENANCE – The administration and maintenance of a server is taken care of by the hosting provider which means that you don’t need to concern yourself with technical issues of the server. We will do all that for you at no cost.



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